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Rent a sloop Giethoorn

Sloops are a good option for those looking for more space and comfort in their boat. They are stable, have a covered cabin and are ideal for longer trips. By renting a sloop you can enjoy a relaxing day on the water, surrounded by the beautiful nature of Giethoorn. Just like with the whisper boats, you can get arent a sloop Giethoornthrough our booking website.

Why rent a boat in Giethoorn?

Giethoorn is also called the "Venice of the Netherlands" because of its vast network of canals and waterways. The village is known for its traditional thatched farmhouses and enchanting waterscapes. By renting a boat in Giethoorn, you can sail through the canals at your own pace and explore the beautiful surroundings. It's a relaxing and scenic way to experience Giethoorn and admire the area's natural beauty.


Boat rental Giethoorn

When renting a boat in Giethoorn it is important to choose the right type of boat that suits your needs. At our boat rental Giethoorn we try to facilitate you in the most diverse wishes and needs. For example, we have various options when it comes to boat rental. We rent boats such as whisper boats, electric sloops, canoes, rowing boats and much more. For example, have you ever thought of an organizedboat trip through the village of Giethoorn? Are you already familiar withpunting Giethoorn through our punt scavenger hunt? Whichever type of boat you wish to rent, we are ready to provide you with an unforgettable boat trip through Giethoorn.


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