And drop by Smit Giethoorn to admire our room with private terrace overlooking the sunset!

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Reserveren vaderdag

Looking at your wishes we can provide a perfect reception. Possibly in combination with 1 of our packages.


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You have something to celebrate so time for a party? We look forward to meeting your wishes and offering tailor-made festive programs.

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Get together in the wedding boat and enjoy the hospitality on the most beautiful day of your life in romantic Giethoorn.


We have two large (free) parking areas, also suitable for coaches.


& charge your electric car at our charging point.

Tot ziens!

Located in the center of Giethoorn, on the village canal. Of course also easily accessible from the road.


Navigation: Frensensteeg (Do not enter, our exit is ten meters next to this exit. Note red flags Smit Giethoorn!)

Fam. Smit

Zuiderpad 58 en 52

8355 CC Giethoorn

Mon to Sun: 09:30 - 21:00 hour

Tel: 0521-361625
Email: info@smitgiethoorn.nl

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