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Sail yourself and cruise


Giethoorn originated from the water and prefer to be admired from the water. In our covered tour boats you make a trip through the old village and over the lake. Along the way you will pass beautiful farmhouses, countless bridges and founders and many sights. Via the (shallow) BovenALE you will return to our company. This route takes approximately one hour.


Our tour boats are of course accessible for the disabled and electric wheelchairs.


Our boaters are all in possession of their navigation license and are happy to tell you about the history and present of Giethoorn. In consultation it is possible to make a stop along the way at a museum or to extend the tour with the route through a part of National Park Weerribben and Wieden.


Do you want to explore the village, lake and nature reserves on your own? That is also possible.

  • Cruise

  • Sail yourself

  • Whisper boats

  • Sailing point

  • Rowing boat

  • Canoe

  • Luxury sloop

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